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Oh, hi. My name is Kelsey Keller Weller. I know, it's such a poetic name. What can I say, I guess I married well. I blog over at A Little Bird Told Me. Don't you just love Steph? Sheesh, she's a babe. I ran across her blog and instantly fell in love. Plus her hair rocks. Enough said. (aw,.. i'm blushing over here.)

Stephanie asked me to share ten things about spring/summer that make me ridiculously happy. It made me cringe having to narrow it down to ten, because there are just oh so many. (sorry about that!) So here are ten out of about a hundred on my list:

1. Painting the town red on my razor scooter. (jealous! i love scooters)
2. My diet consisting of ice cream, smoothies, otter pops, and fruit. It's fine. My doctor says my blood sugar is excellent. (me too! & my dentist advised me not to eat those things, and then i have had no cavities for a whole year. suck it, dentist!)
3. Going to as many rodeos as possible and, in the process, convincing myself I'm a cowgirl. (never been! i'm lame.)
4. Sleeping outside beneath a blanket of stars.

5. Hiking. Lots and lots of hiking. And enjoying the view when I get to the top. It always reminds me of how small I am and how incredible this earth is. (how about we all hike timp together this summer? raise yo hands, foos.)
6. Reading books to my little heart's content. Books I actually want to read, so absolutely no textbooks included.

7. Jumping into bodies of water. Whether I'm in a bathing suit, fully clothed, or not clothed at all. . .it's always an adrenaline rush.

8. Fireworks. Fireworks make me squeal with delight. Like, really, you would think I am five years old. (my FAVORITE part of summer. favorite. ever. all the time.)
9. Going for long runs at dusk time.

10. Telling scary stories around the campfire. And cooking dinner on that same campfire.

I guess I'm adding a bonus, but I'm also ridiculously happy and excited to celebrate one year of marriage to Mr. BWell this August. I hope everyone has fun celebrating countless things this spring and summer. After all, it is the perfect time to celebrate!
(totally counts!)

I felt like commenting on everything she said, just because she's practically amazing. i just about die every time i look at her hair & her clothes KILL ME DEAD.  1 year of marriage? woop woop! congrats & thanks for sharing your list, Kels! you rock my freaking socks off!

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  1. Steph, you rock! Just sayin'. Thanks so very much for letting me be a guest! :)